Session 2: Some Answers...

...Along With More Questions

Our heroes set off in a Googlesoft rented self-driving van with a wheelchair in the back, looking to rescue Fredrich Wagner, the person mentioned alongside everyone in Dylan’s Alice note.

The spot given by Dylan is a extremely large mansion set back into woods behind a fence. The group drives by to get a feel and quickly discovers there is also a guard patrol. They sneak their way over the fence, only to accidentally attract the attention of a nearby guard. But with some quick thinking, they manage to knock him out with only a single shot fired.

Leo, smartly grabs the guard’s uniform, radio, and assault rifle (!!), and then using some very non-lawyerly abilities to imitate voices, sends out a message on the radio about an assault on the fence. That both buys them a distraction to sneak their way into the house and a rough idea where Fredrich is being kept.

While sneaking their way in, they overhear some guards talking in Romanian accents about a “Turing Agency” that seems to have been hired by their boss. One of them is also strongly discouraged from hitting on their direct boss, Antonia Lupei, one of the infamous Dire Wolves. The implication is made that she will welcome the guard, but that he might not like the aftermath.

They eventually find Fredrich and Leo uses OIivia as a “capture” to strength his acting as a guard, enabling him to get close and disable the man watching Fredrich, who identifies himself only as “Alan”, a clear reference to the Turing agency.

After some questioning, they find that Alan seems to know Dylan; he’s surprised that the group of them are together; and they are all “Potentials”, whatever that means. He implied that the Turing Agency has been keeping an eye on all of them for some time because of their Potential status.

Fearing a return of the guards, the group gets out of the mansion while carrying Fredrich. They are guided by Dylan to an abandoned computer store that seems to be a safehouse of sorts.

There, pushed by the group’s need for answers, Dylan reveals some things to them:

  • He along with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, were involved in building Otherscape – the VR that they’ve seen glimpses of.
  • Every member of the cabal has their own reasoning for building it.
  • His reasoning (along with the Turing Agency) was to create a space where everyone could be their own god, to awake the sleeping population to the possibilities.
  • Both the coma children and the missing people are related to Otherscape, but Dylan quickly disavows being involved with the coma children, pointing the finger at Zack Jennings, a cabal member and owner of the Through the Looking Glass Emporium business. He also claims that Zack is a “sick son of a bitch.”
  • Dylan has lost his access to Otherscape, where “he was a god”. The group can find the answers about their missing people and children in comas on the real side, he says, but finding solutions would be a lot easier from the Otherscape, especially if his access is restored. He is very straightforward in admitting that he is using them with the expectation that they will use him in return.

After the discussion, the group cuts off communication to discuss among themselves and come to an agreement.

  1. Dylan’s speech and answers to the questions give off the smell of a religious fanaticism.
  2. There is a good chance that Dylan was somehow involved with the missing people (if not the coma children) and that they shouldn’t trust him.
  3. If given the chance, they are going to look for a way to bring the whole thing down.


Malificent Malificent

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