Session 6: Welcome to the City of Doors

Our group starts the session wanting more answers from Fairgar. Through some conversation and some raiding of his library, they discover:

  • The city, while ruled by the Lady of Pain, seems to be managed by a set of groups called factions that each have their own philosophical bent. One faction runs the police, one runs the courts, one runs the jail, and so on. Fairgar suggests that if they are staying in the city for a while, they might want to join one because it opens up doors. However, when Leo suggests that also adds responsibility, Fairgar doesn’t disagree.
  • Aoskar’s body lies in the Astral Plane. Fairgar’s faction might be interested in returning him to life to prove the truth of their philosophy…but he’s somewhat cagey, as he’s not sure what the group’s interest is or where their alignment lies.
  • Fairgar has a large steel door, behind which he keeps an alchemist laboratory.
  • The city is constantly changing, thanks to the efforts of the Lady’s servants, the dabus. Maps are only somewhat useful because of that. The group had seen dabus floating around the city, making small repairs.
  • Gods are no longer allowed in Sigil after Aoskar’s death, but proxies for the powers are. Fairgar theorizes that the group may be proxies for Aoskar, given the tattoos of his holy symbol on them. If that’s the case, they may want to see Fell, a dabus who was theorized to be a proxy for Aoskar. He no longer floats and sells tattoos that can become real things. Most people of Sigil give him a wide berth.

Meanwhile, Eybi figures out that he can bring up his “character sheet” which allows him a good deal of flexibility, both in determining what items are and in allowing him some control over the equipment he was wearing.

Eybi and Olivia then sneak off to explore the Great Bazaar, with Olivia trying to map behavior patterns and Eybi using some of the gold which he found in a pouch to buy a old fashioned musket, which he intends to use to figure out the code behind this VR space.

Kristen (going by Aria here) raids Fairgar’s kitchen and discovers that even with odd ingredients, she’s still a great cook as she fixes dinner for everyone as a thank you to Fairgar for letting them stay for a while.

After dinner, more crystal magic is performed with the help of a map of Sigil (“not guaranteed to be accurate”). Harley’s boyfriend is nowhere to be found but Aria’s boyfriend…well, the crystal hovers over the Mortuary, the home to the Dustmen faction, as well as the location where all dead bodies are taken for disposal.

This unsettles Aria and the rest of the evening is spent in quiet consideration and reading the “Clueless Guide to Sigil” found by Olivia in Fairgar’s library.

When the next morning arrives, Solitude shows up to guide them on their tour of Sigil. The group requests the tour take them to the Mortuary, which is at the border between the Lower Ward and the Hive. Solitude reluctantly agrees, as the Hive is a place where his tour doesn’t go, thanks to the scum and villainy located within.

They get the full tour, as they have to go the long around the torus that is Sigil, getting to see the highups in the Lady’s Ward before it gives way to the industrial, working creature’s home in the Lower Ward. But eventually the Lower Ward gives way to the beginning of the hive, and there is located the Mortuary.

There are guards at the front, although they look in manner more like doormen than armed guards. The group asks the doorman about Aria’s boyfriend, using a sketch provided by Olivia. That prompts the doorperson to ask them to come with her (him?). They are led through the public facing portion of the Mortuary, past many skeletons and zombies serving as base labor. Eventually they are taken to what is clearly offices for the higher ups in the faction. She/he/it leads them to an office where they walk in to discover a man with slightly graying hair and black robes sitting behind a large, ornate desk. The doorman whispers in his ear and shows him the sketch.

“What do you know of this man? He is very important to this faction and I will have whatever information you have about him.”

This doesn’t sound like a man to be messed with….


Malificent Malificent

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