Aria Kristin Reece

Chef, Restaurant Owner, and Magic User?


High Concept

I Can Do Magic


I See Dead People


  1. Professional Chef who owns her restaurant
  2. Pagan naturalist
  3. Searching for missing coven leader


Careful: +3
Clever: +2
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1


Kristin Reece was born on the southern Oregon coast in the middle of a massive storm that had the wind singing through the trees, hence her name. Her parents are naturalists and conservationists—her mother with degrees in botany and ecology, her father with a degree in marine biology. They never married but they were a long-term relationship that yielded four children. Her oldest brother Joe went into the military, craving the kind of structure that their home life did not have and became a storm chaser. Brady, the second-born and Kristin’s twin, is a geologist studying volcanos. And Jessie, the youngest and Kristin’s only sister, is an environmentalist studying the ice cores of Antarctica. Kristin herself has a degree in botany but chose to go to culinary school afterward and open her own restaurant. Her talent for herbs translated extremely well into being a chef and she is becoming renowned in her field. The siblings keep in touch as well as any adult siblings who have their own lives.

Although cooking is one of her loves, it is the more personal side of her life that is most important to her. She learned herb lore at her mother and grandmother’s knee from the time she was small. She is a born witch with a mediumistic talent—ghosts are attracted to her, as are other supernatural forces. (Or so she believes.) In college she found and joined her own small circle. Through the years its members have ebbed and flowed, changed around some. A few are still friends from college, but others are friends from town. Kristin has been a priestess within her coven for the past decade.

She is a vivacious woman, outgoing and friendly with an occasional temper (she is a redhead and a chef, an artiste!) She is making her name not only as a chef of the first order but in pagan circles as a talented healer. Those who are open to the more herbal remedies of times past come to her for poultices, teas, and tisanes. She’s also been known to use crystals for some healing magic, and occasionally will pull out the tarot deck for meditation.

When she was 36 years old, Jeff Branson came onto the scene in her small coven. He was recently moved to the area but came well recommended both in his day job (financial advisor) and as a high priest of witchcraft. He became over the course of the first year the head of Kristin’s coven and a very good friend. The two had been dating for around six months when Jeff disappeared.

Kristin’s friends rallied around. Jenny Garland, who managed Aria’s (Kristin’s restaurant), pulled their small group of intimates to try tapping into the spirit world for some answers. The women also worked the more mundane angles, putting out fliers, making phone calls to Jeff’s contact list, chasing down any leads that might come their way. Beth has contacts in law enforcement who are also helping out with a hotline number and assistance tracking down people from Jeff’s past.

Intimate Friends:
Elizabeth (Beth) Lee—Local lawyer and foodie
Melissa James—Bookstore owner just down from Aria’s
Debra Ramsey—Computer programmer who works from her home contracting

Aria Kristin Reece

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