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  • The Sign of One

    [[File:383438 | class=media-item-align-center | sign_of_one.png]]

    *Nicknames:* Signers *Faction philosophy:* Every person, every individual, is unique. This is the …

  • Fairgar

    Fairgar is a dwarven alchemist, noticeable for the large pair of butterfly wings emerging from his back. He is also a long time Signer factotum. He regularly employs the [[Bariaur | bariaur]] [[:solitude | Solitude]] as someone to run errands for him, as …

  • Solitude

    Solitude works as a tout in Sigil and is also a low level member of the Signers, oftentimes doing work for [[:fairgar | Fairgar]], a dwarf alchemist and Signer Factotum.