The Revolutionary League


Nicknames: Anarchists

Faction Philosophy: “These universes, these powers, they re all corrupt!” screams this faction. “They’re guiding people in the wrong directions, keeping them slaves and prisoners to the powerful. The old beliefs are lies.” These sods claim that Guvners, Chaosmen, Mercykillers, Athar – every last one of them – no longer care about the truth. Their factols all have property, bodyguards, jink, and influence. They’re not looking for the truth; they just want to hang onto what they’ve got.

Well, the Anarchists say it’s time for that to change. It’s time to break free of the chains and seek the real truth. And that’s only going to happen when a body’s free of the bonds of the other factions. A being’s got to be able to make his own choices, but would any faction just let a body go? Think the Harmonium would say, “Sure, we admit we’re wrong. Go and find your own way.” Not a chance! The only way a being’s ever going to get its freedom is to tear down the old factions. Throw ‘em down, shatter ’em, break their power – that’s what’s got to be done! When the old factions are crushed, a sod has a chance to learn the real truth.

‘Course, a body’s got to be careful. The plutocrats don’t want to give up a single grain of their power cache, so they’ll try to break the spirit of the revolution – if they can catch it. A blood’s got to be careful and keep himself dark from the factols or he’ll end up lost in an alley some night, so the best thing to do is to pit the factions against each other. A cutter doesn’t need to hit them head-on unless he wants to end up in the dead-book.

Once the factions all come down, then folks can find the real truth. What’s that truth? No one knows and there’s no way of saying. There ain’t no point in thinking about it even, not until what’s standing now is brought down. Break it all and rebuild with the pieces that’re left – that’s the only plan.

Primary plane of Influence: The Revolutionary League is best typified by the grim exiles of Carceri, forever scheming to overthrow their enemies. In Sigil, the faction rejects the idea of a fixed headquarters. Instead, it moves from place to place in the city, to prevent its discovery by the unwanted. The Anarchists have no factol.

Allies and Enemies: Although their stated goal is the overthrow of all, the Anarchists do have allies. The Doomguard and the Xaositects both find much merit in Anarchist activities, even if they don’t agree with the philosophy. At the other extreme, the Harmonium and the Guvners consider the Revolutionary League an abomination.

Eligibility: Anarchists care nothing for race or class and even profess no interest in alignment. However, their doctrine of overthrow prevents lawful types from joining their faction.

How to join: Joining the Revolutionary League proves an adventure in itself. Since the Anarchists are everywhere, they’re very easy to find. Trouble is, most sods don’t know when they’ve found one. Berks asking for them too vocally will likely draw unwanted attention, and that means they’ll never attract the Revolutionary League.

But the patient cutter, who casually tells a few folks how unhappy he feels with authority, sooner or later has an Anarchist approach him. Until the League member satasfies himself that the cutter really wants to belong, he remains the newcomer’s only faction contact. When the Anarchist trusts the new basher — after an hour or a year — he takes him to a cell meeting.

The Revolutionary League

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