World of 2034

The wealthy have gotten wealthier and class stratification has increased.

The players have discovered a cabal of some of these wealthy elites that have been building Otherscape. This list, as they know it…

The Cabal

  • Dylan Vessy – One of the foremost experts in the science of artificial intelligence (AI). Seeming religious (?) fanatic. Member of the “Turing Agency”.
  • Reynaldo Castro – Latin american energy tycoon
  • Julia Huerta – Current head of Googlesoft; known as the Mistress of Information.
  • Hisoka Fujino – Super wealthy, and secret (or not-so secret) owner of every major electronics firm in the world;
  • Mary Ann Valmont – Physicist; futurist
  • Tatenda Obasanjo – Environmentalist, president/dictator of Zaire; leader of a return to the basics movement
  • Alexandru and Antonia Lupei – Romanian crime cartel; brother and sister; known as the Dire Wolves
  • Nathaniel Musk – Son of Elon Musk; eccentric genius; owner of Tesla
  • Zack Jennings – Gamer; inherited his wealth; owner of the Through The Looking Glass VR Emporium chain; considered by some to be a “sick fuck”. Likely directly connected to children going into comas.
  • [Solid Silence] – Hacker; VR genius; idealist.


World of 2034

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