Harlequin D. Sheridan

Social worker, MMA fighter - If you can't save them, beat them :)


High Concept – Must help people

Trouble – Hunted by angry ex’s of people she’s helped


  1. Social worker in poor, part of town
  2. MMA fighter for $
  3. Well known and well liked


Careful: 3
Clever: 2
Flashy: 0
Quick: 1
Sneaky: 1


Harley Sheridan

Is a 28 year old female with dark hair and blue eyes.

She is a social worker specializing in battered women and children cases.

She had been in an abusive relationship in her teens but got out before it got too serious. This led her towards MMA and other self defense classes. She has taken a little martial arts training but wanted a more aggressive outlet.

Her mother was a drugged out party girl who went through a series of abusive relationships before dying of an overdose when Harley was 19. Harley changed her name from Davidson, her mother’s last name to that of her mother’s parents. She is close to both sets of grandparents although neither she nor her father’s parents are certain that her father is her father. He is a itinerant carpenter and she doesn’t see him much.

She is a well regarded, middle ranked MMA fighter. But she has done a few underground unregulated matches to test herself. She had done a little firearms training, but not much.

Her boyfriend has disappeared on her. Her secret fear is that he left her because she wasn’t good enough for him, but there are just too many details about his disappearance that don’t add up.

Harlequin D. Sheridan

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