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  1. OCD Investigative blogger and fic writer
  2. “Whatever it takes, wherever it takes me…”
  3. Assault survivor


Careful: +3
Clever: +3
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +1
Quick: +3
Sneaky: +3


With chestnut hair and green eyes, Olivia stands a little under medium height and has a slim build.

Olivia began blogging while in college, posting fic online to help pay for her tuition and living expenses. She wasn’t wildly successful but it brought in enough to keep her from falling into debt. When a minor scandal broke out on campus she deviated from her usual format and posted her thoughts on the subject and saw her viewership rise. Encourgaged by the numbers, she started a side blog for what could only be called “amateur investigational journalism” under a nom de plume. Either the gods or her veiwership demographic were in her favor: this blog quickly caught on and offered her a means to support herself and pay for her education.

One semester shy of graduation, Olivia was found battered and unconscious in a greenspace area on the campus grounds before the start of that day’s classes. She spent a month hospitalized and police investigated without much success: Olivia was the chief witness and she never saw her attacker. Her blogs were thoroughly scrutinized for posts that might have incited the assault. Nothing definitive was found. Without suspects to pursue, Olivia’s case was categorized as “Victim of Random Violence” and closed.

Olivia managed to complete her semester and graduate on schedule but the assault brought her innate OCD tendencies to the fore and for nearly two years afterward she found it almost impossible to function normally due to a variety of phobias and anxiety. Therapy helped but could take her only so far. Throughout it all, she maintained her blogs and decided ten months ago to cease therapy and work her way to full recovery.

She packed up her laptops and moved to a new city to start over fresh. She found an SRO she could afford and slowly built up her readership (and ad revenue) by running a third blog about her recovery alongside her original two. Her third blog is also written under a nom de plume to protect her identity.

Olivia lives by a meticulously structured and self-imposed order. Deviations from it throw her off her stride. As a result, most of her work is done online and through short errands outside. Of late, she has been seeking to reduce her agoraphobic tendencies by doing work away from her SRO and has found a diner she frequents during the day.

She hopes to graduate to using a public library one day soon. Maybe even using the subway. Small dreams, perhaps, but big steps waiting to be taken. For the moment, the internet will have to suffice.

Olivia Celine Crane

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