Guildhall Ward and Market Ward

In the City of Doors, great Profits are won and Fortunes lost on the scales of Commerce. Herein are the Halls of the Guildmasters and the secrets of their cunning Labours revealed!

The Guildhall and Market Wards mean business: nonstop, round-the-clock trade conducted by the multiverse’s premiere merchants, craftsmean, and jink jugglers. Sandwiched between The Lady’s Ward and the Clerk’s Ward, this is Sigil‘s most cosmopolitan area – if it walks, crawls, or flies, and has jink to spend, it’s welcome here.

The Market’s where a basher finds the basics: food, medicine, clothing, tools, transport, weapons. Here are players for a dice game or recruits for an excursion to Mount Celestia. And for a body in search of exotic merchandise – wood for a magic wand, polish for an Arcadian emerald, healing syrup for a tiefling with an upset tummy – well, if ain’t here, it ain’t anywhere, period. The area is also home to the Great Bazaar, the Free League‘s headquarters, a plaza where a body can shop for a month and not visit the same merchant’s stall twice. Noted for its open-air cafes, the Great Bazaar’s a perfect place to creature-watch. Another important site’s the Great Gymnasium, headquarters of the Transcendant Order, the bloods who train body and mind to work as one so they don’t have to be bothered with a lot of ponderous thinking. Looking for a food shop or bathhouse? The streets around the Great Gymnasium have Sigil’s finest.

The merchants of the Market Ward define freedom as the unrestricted right to get rich. People are instruments of commerce to be exploited at the least possible cost. t’s war, pure and simple, and bashers who want to survive better know the rules.

  • Rule Number One: Sometimes, it’s better to know nothing at all than to half-know a lot.
  • Rule Number Two: You order it, you own it.
  • Rule Number Three: The easiest way to make a fortune is through the gullibility of others.

The Market Ward’s wealthiest merchants live along Copperman Way, while the Guildhall Ward’s elite make their homes on Dancer’s coirt. Well-patrolled and brightly lit, Redwind Road’s a favorite haunt of street peddlers, particularly clothiers and weapons dealers. Turtle Lane’s noted for its baths and spas, while Risvold Street claims the Market Ward’s finest food shops. Knights of the post and other bobbers tend to nest along Newt Street, making it a good place to play high stakes dice games, sell stolen property, or get beaten up.

Guildhall Ward and Market Ward

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