Inner Planes

About the Inner Planes

Rings of the elements are what make up the Inner Planes. They are the building blocks of the Prime Material Plane. And, following the Rule of Threes, there are three categories within the Inner Planes: the major elementals, the paraelementals, and the quasielementals.

The Elemental Planes

The Elemental Planes are, how can a basher describe it, “extremely single-minded”. Each plane is based around it’s element to the near exclusion of everything else. For most non-elemental creatures, travel and survival on the Elemental Planes is not to be taken lightly.

The Paraelemental Planes

These planes exist where Earth, Air, FIre, and Water merge into each other.

The Quasielemental Planes

These planes are created at the borders of the Positive and Negative Planes, between the basic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Inner Planes

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