The Lady's Ward

Wherein is told the Tale of the Riches and Corruption of the city’s High-ups.

This section called The Lady’s Ward (a Cager can hear the capital T) after the Lady of Pain. Not that she lives here more than anywhere else, it’s just that she keeps her tools here: the City Barracks, the City Court, the Prison, and the Armory – all the things that define her power and enforce her will. Since power attracts power, bloods set their cases in The Lady’s Ward.

‘Course, power also attracts those who feed on clout, money, and influence. The knights of the Ward are the hidden government, the shadow lords of the city. They are organized and keep a relative peace among themselves, to better their profits. The knights of The Lady’s Ward live in the High Houses, as the palaces of the ward are known. The majority of these cases are set in what’s called the Noble District, bounded by Portal Close, Harmonium Street, and Lords’ Row. Most of the High Houses are private and extremely well guarded; nighttime deliveries are common, and even rich garnishes yield little valuable information. Few know what goes on behind their doors, or what treasures are larded away in their cellars. What the knights of the Lady want kept dark, stays dark.

Perhaps as a way of balancing the grasping, shameless greed of the High Houses, the ward is also home to over half the city’s temples. These ain’t just for the provincial powers from the Prime or some upstart Lords of the Abyss; no, The Lady’s Ward is home to temples for the bloods among the powers, including Ptah, Openers of the Ways, Io the Dragon King, and Brahman the Creator. (Don’t forget, though; no powers are allowed into Sigil, by order of the Lady. Temples? Fine. Proxies? Fine. Powers? Not a chance.)

The Lady's Ward

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